Sunday, May 13, 2012


Posted by Tia Roozanty at 6:24 AM

Every night like this, I Come to You with my worry
Bad feeling in My heart
Every single day and Every night
Hoping My anxiety turns into glory

When I wake up in the morning
And this Life keeps on turning
I am not a Worrywart
I can run fast like a Dart

No worry....
Because You are in My heart
Always be here when I start
All the things that make Me happy
And feel lucky with this destiny

In the silence,
I Look in the mirror and speak with another me

The sun has just risen
Throw away that sullen
Get up! Build up Your all dreams
Cheer up! Keep previously Your fears

If worry......
Immediately swing the bold step
Do not get lost, hold tight the map
Do not be afraid and sad, just let it flow
Try harder, be stronger and You will glow

By. Tia Nilam Roozanty (13.05.12)


they say im good. Well i say im boldly teriffic. said...

some say its being human. Human partialy means we got the strength to release and let go. Release all worries, let go anger within it, as if existed. If its not, greatfull inside and out. Greatfull for the love surround us, warmth, humidity and to realize we are given bless for what we have had, and one of it none other than faith. Faith to believe. Faith to all prayers. Faith to love.
never easy to say i believe, but insya Allah never hard to say I AM GREATFULL.

Tia Roozanty said...

Worry is a human. Similarly, sadness and happiness. But we are also human as humans do not want it. Keep it away with a good way that is what God wants.

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